What is Modern AfriQa?

Modern Afriqa focuses on enabling culture and knowledge exchange at different levels and based on the following vision:

Modern AfriQa uses the power of a bi-cultural background to reduce gaps and create new possibilities. Inspired by the rich cultural influences from Africa, quality takes on a new meaning. Hence the Q for Quality.

Africa is the future.

A bi-cultural background represents enormous value. This super-power is not always seen or used. It can be of value at different levels in the country where you live and work. But there are also many opportunities to be of value in the future and development of Africa.  

The accumulated experience, knowledge, expertise and network are essential instruments that the current generation possesses and can contribute to various new developments. Both here and in Africa. 

Modern Afriqa is a platform that likes to use the quality and added value of different cultures and celebrates it from an inspiring and positive narrative. In this way, cultural exchange and crossovers can take place and the connection with Africa can be stimulated. Modern AfriQa aims to harness and connect the power of the bi-cultural professional diaspora and the current inspiring generation in Africa. 

 Modern AfriQa empowers the African diaspora and aims to deploy the power they represent. We offer organizations and professionals the opportunity to find each other. This way you are able to find and use the power of these professionals. Join the Modern AfriQa Qommunity now! 

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Origin of the term Diaspora?

The term diaspora is mainly used in anthropology and historical scholarship. The word comes from ancient Greek and means scattering, spreading or spreading people.διασποράand means scattering, spreading or spreading people. 
Until well into the twentieth century, the term diaspora was mainly used to indicate the Jewish dispersion. Nowadays, however, the word is also used for other peoples or communities who are forced to live outside their own country. For example, Diaspora is now also used in the context of the spread of Africans across the world as a result of the global slave trade. Other recent examples include the Armenian and Tibetan diasporas. 

Modern AfriQa: Q for quality

Value is defined, ‘as the degree of usefulness of something, quality in something which makes it helpful, useful or desirable, a standard or idea which most people have about the worth of good qualities. 

 The word values refer to the attitude, beliefs, behaviours and actions that are cherished and acceptable standards of behaviours which each society expects that the members should abide by. Although, values differ from person to person and from one society to another. This is because social groups or human societies have various beliefs, attitudes and standards that form their value system. 

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