Consultancy and training

Cultural differences can be visible and/or noticeable immediately on the surface. The foundation of the rifts often lies in nuanced and deeper causes. These are not directly on the surface. Thanks to the chain-wide experience and expertise of the Lemat Foundation, culturally sensitive, tailor-made solutions are offered with a sustainable character. 

Challenges that arise directly or indirectly from cultural differences require solutions with a culturally sensitive approach. This can occur within various professional domains: Asylum and Migration, Social Services, Healthcare, public domain and in companies and organizations with an international character. We have various experts and experienced experts who can help you with your issues and/or challenges in this area. 

Masterclass: Cultural identity & intercultural communication (by Daniel Grmazion)

What: Interactive masterclass in which you are taken on a journey in which various cultural elements that determine who we are are challenged to show how everyone relates to the other. By creating awareness, the masterclass helps you understand yourself and others better. You then learn to communicate more consciously and culturally sensitively.

For: Professionals working in various domains in relation to cultural identity. (Government, Marketing, Politics, Education, Healthcare)

Training & consultancy

  • Empowerment training for newcomers (multilingual and focused on developing competencies, self-reliance and steps within the participation ladder)
  • 7ROSES training (multilingual certified trainers who apply the 7ROSES methodology to teach the target group to deal with daily stressors after shocking events by increasing their own capacity and resilience)
  • Customized consultancy on intercultural issues

Within every aspect of an organization or individual, certain values return and create a way of working, thinking, developing, building relationships and doing business. We always look for opportunities and solutions that have a long-term impact.

Please contact us if you are interested in our offer and are looking for solutions.

Our approach

Our approach is partly formed by important foundations developed by Gert Hofstede in the field of intercultural communication and cultural dimensions. Scientific research is important to take into account and apply. In addition, there are often subtler nuances that can have an influence, but do not immediately fit within scientific frameworks. According to the vision of Modern AfriQa, it is therefore important to have sufficient practical experience and expertise to be able to grasp the subtle nuances. There often lies the power of having a bi-cultural background and being able to use the experiences and expertise as professionals to come up with solutions. There is no magic wand that can be used for all issues, but with tailor-made solutions we offer sustainable solutions and results. That is why we always like to engage in discussions to get a good idea of the issues and to identify the challenges with all their nuances and details. If you would like to discuss this or have any questions, please send an email to

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