It is important to continue to invest in ourselves and nourish us with core values that are already within us but can be suppressed in this volatile society. You will probably recognize that you experience uprooting or longing for your background and your roots. That is not strange. Our foundation and DNA has been passed on from generation to generation. That bi-cultural background, both the Dutch culture and the cultures from the African continent, can have enormous added value for our society. Do you recognize this, and do you acknowledge that there is more to be gained from it than is currently being done and are you willing to invest in yourself? Then become part of the Modern AfriQa community and help build that future for you, for us and for generations to come!

It's time to connect with Africa.

As a Qommunity member you can contribute to positive developments that shed light on the narrative of Africa differently and that people would like to relate to and recognize. Africa is a huge continent with so much to offer and is represented at different levels all over the world. Various generations from the African diaspora have settled in the West and have been able to build a life for themselves.   

The connection with the African continent is increasingly being sought. People who have no direct link with the continent also experience a need to find balance by embracing and promoting African values. 

This is a place for inspiration and diaspora engagement, a place to connect with 'The motherland'. A place where exchange and crossovers can take place. We want to give our Qommunity the opportunity to get inspired and take an unforgettable journey that can have a great impact on your life. We also want to break barriers and lower thresholds for the current diaspora generation. We want to help you get on the saddle by offering a fully organized trip. Naturally, such a journey of discovery is accompanied by fun and leisure activities.

Join the Qommunity and stay informed of all developments:

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