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The capacity to communicate with people from diverse cultures is referred to as intercultural communication. Interacting effectively across cultural lines requires perseverance and sensitivity to one another's differences. This encompasses language skills, customs, ways of thinking, social norms, and habits.

Are you as an organization looking for professionals who can help you with issues related to cultural diversity? Do you want to develop further as an organization or as a professional in the field of intercultural management and communication? Do you want to do or expand business in and/or with the African continent? 

Are you active in the cultural domain and looking for inspiration or connection and cooperation from Africa? Or would you like to collaborate? In marketing and programming? 

You have also come to the right place for events for which you are looking for good guest speakers, moderators or process supervisors.

Send an email with your question. We are happy to discuss what we can do for you or your organization and always aim for tailor-made solutions.

Cultural differences can be visible and/or noticeable immediately on the surface. The foundation of the rifts often lies in nuanced and deeper causes. These are not directly on the surface. Thanks to the chain-wide experience and expertise of the Lemat Foundation, culturally sensitive, tailor-made solutions are offered with a sustainable character. Read more..

The professionals Modern AfriQa collaborates with, AfriQa can inspire you with their personal story. The team consists of professionals with a diverse cultural and professional background, who have experience in speaking and storytelling. This allows us to approach the subject of cultural diversity from different domains and professions combined with personal stories. Read more..

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